Frequently Asked Questions

Sync your Disney Photos to Google Photos

Do I need to use Google Chrome to use MousePhotos?

Yes, because Disney does not have a way of authenticating other services like ours, the Chrome Extension is the easiest and most reliably way that we have to access your Disney Photopass Photos. Chrome runs on every major Operating System and is used by nearly two-thirds of people already, so it is very popular and well supported.

Do I need to pay for Disney’s PhotoPass?

Yes, you need to have paid for the Disney PhotoPass service in order to use MousePhotos.  PhotoPass is included with some annual passes.

If you don’t have PhotoPass, you’ll still see your Disney Photos, but they’ll have the Disney watermarks on them, making them unsuitable for use.

Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work for some reason?

 Absolutely! We only want to accept payment if it works great and saves you the time and hassle of copying photos manually. Please contact us if you have any problems or would like a refund.

Can Travel Agents use Mouse Photos?

Of course!  Anybody who can access photos using Disney’s PhotoPass system can use MousePhotos to save a copy of them in Google Photos

Can I have separate Google Photo Albums for different trips?

You sure can! You can create a new Google Photo Album inside the MousePhotos dashboard.  It will be selected for the next photos you choose to copy.  You select photos to copy by “Encounter”, so simply check the box for all of the encounters on a trip, and copy them to Google Photos.    When done with one trip, repeat the process for your next trip.

Is MousePhotos Secure?

Absolutely! We take security and privacy very seriously. We use encrypted (https) communication in everything we do.

Additionally, we have chosen to use the Chrome Extension specfically so that you don’t ever need to share your Disney password with us.